VocalizeU Artist Intensive 2018

The time has come to bring those ideas and plans to life. This is where we really begin to materialize your napkin notes and turn them into beautiful songs.

Jul 2018
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Why VocalizeU

The summer intensive is the most unique and exciting event for singers that I have been to. The schedule is packed, every class is with a teacher or mentor that has serious credentials in the industry, and they’re willing to just pour it out to help you! It’s literally another world in a week, and it’s impossible to not come away without being insanely inspired and educated.

- Chris Johnson / The Naked Vocalist

Our Staff Have Worked With

Michael Jackson, Beyonce, Rihanna, Ariana Grande, Frank Ocean, One Direction, Brittany Spears, Justin Timberlake, Justin Bieber, Drake, Kendrick Lamar, Kelly Clarkson, Christina Milian, Brittany Spears, Jojo, Ludacris, Jay Z, Mariah Carrey, Adam Labert, Natasha Bedingfield, One Direction, Martina McBride, Pentatonix, Mike Posner, Demi Lovato, Ben Folds.

... just to name a few.


13 th of July, 2018

Prominent Songwriters – Performance Experts – Recognized VIP Voice Training Experts – Daily Private Voice Lessons – Well known & Established Artists – Motivational and Inspirational Speakers – Leading Professionals

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Join Us in Hollywood

Get in the room with the top music executives, world-class producers, and hit-single songwriters!

Become the ultimate singer, artist, and the best performer that you can possibly be!

Our mission is to educate and inspire singers and songwriters to take their artistry and raw talent to a new level. These are the 10 days that can change your life.



" The summer intensive was one of the most incredible experiences and was truly life changing. Not only did I learn so much from the excellent teachers, but I was able to surround myself with supportive and talented friends who I still consider some of my best friends. The connection, growth, and support make VocalizeU one of a kind. "

Brooke Kootman / Age 23 - Arizona

" VocalizeU is the one place where you get to share life experiences with amazing and talented people from all over the world, while learning from some of the top music industry leaders who will push you toward becoming an artist that you never thought you could become. "

Abner Zoto / Age 21 - Mexico

"I went to the summer intensive not knowing a single person, and literally being across the united states from where I lived, but I left knowing pretty much everyone that attended. Everyone apart of VocalizeU is so talented and we all share similar dreams. VocalizeU gives us a way to achieve them."

Jordan Keim Atlanta / Age 18

"Inspiring others at the VocalizeU artist intensive is something I look forward to every year. I love watching students have not only vocal breakthroughs, but personal breakthroughs and see them achieve their dreams on the big stage setting and set the stage for bigger things in their career. VUAI is for people who want big growth and their skill and artistry."

Kyle Martin Sacramento / Age 45

"The VU summer intensive not only gave me the opportunity to work on my skills and artistry but it also gave me inspiration encouraged to break the limits I put on myself."

Mariana Acquaviva / Age 25, Brazil

"As a season performer with 25 years of singing under my belt, I found this program to be an enriching experience filled with education inspiration and camaraderie. The private instruction, background vocals, management and songwriting classes were fantastic and the open mic performances and late night jam sessions were truly enchanting and invigorating. I recommend anyone interested in singing attend this event to have a truly life-changing experience. See you there!"

Nara Boone / Age 40, Hawaii

"Not only do you get to learn from the best vocal coaches, but you will also have the unique opportunity to meet many very talented and aspiring singer’s. The friendship and support amongst all of us pushed us to keep improving a singers and as performers. Years after the program we are still encouraging, supporting, and motivating each other!"

Juri Jinnai / Age 32, New York

"The summer intensive is the most unique and exciting event for singers that I have been to. The schedule is packed and every class is with the teacher or mentor who has serious credentials in the industry, and they’re willing to just pour it out to help you ! It’s literally another world for a week and it’s impossible not to come away without being insanely inspired and educated."

Chris Johnson / Age 39, UK

"The VocalizeU artist intensive has given me the opportunity to truly learn from the masters by working with the entertainment industry’s most in demand professionals. I have life lifelong friends from VUAI and have developed greater confidence in myself and even stronger passion for music than I ever thought possible."

Amita Padiyar / Age 23, Arizona

"Since the summer intensive last year I have grown so much as an artist. People really noticed it too when I performed an EP lunch two weeks ago! The connection with the audience, the letting go and just being in the moment! Honestly what VocalizeU has created is so amazing, helpful, and inspiring even long after the event!"

Tamara Seely / Age 32, Australia

"The VU intensive is exactly that, intense, in all ways. The support, encouragement, and inspiration taught me so much about who I am what my authentic artistic goals are and that with faith, an open heart and mind any and all is possible!"

Brenda Nolasco / North Carolina

"The VocalizeU summer artist intensive was a game changer for me. I was thrown into this with all of these other driven, hard-working artist and found myself being challenged like never before. The fact that I was surrounded by people who were doing the same thing I was, motivated me to be better and work harder. I made lifelong friends, met insanely talented and plugged in industry insiders, and came away with an experience that instigated growth and change my life for the better."

Chrystian Kaplan / Age 26, Los Angeles


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